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Crumby Capers: aka Patrick & Grace Mysteries

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Where it all began for Patrick and Grace

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Crumby Capers? Oh, yes, that is most fitting. You see,
it was in Central Park in New York City that Patrick
first approached Grace--after having watched her for
several days--and gave her instructions on the proper
way to feed the birds. How? Why it is elementary, my
dear Watson! You feed them bread crumbs. That way
they won't leave a mess in the park from the sunflower
seed shells like they did when Grace fed them. It was
definitely a crumby situation, right from the start.
When things start at the bottom, there is only one way
to go: up. Unless you end up homeless and running away
from home, "And at my age!" Grace gasped as she
turned to Patrick for help.

To see what it's all about, read an excerpt here

Illustration: At the retirement home

One of the proudest outgrowths of our Patrick and Grace Mysteries has been the number of readers who have discovered that people in the homeless shelters across the United States are no different than they are; they just don't have a home. Countless people have let us know that they have gone to their local shelters to volunteer. I would urge all of you to do likewise. You'll end up not only a better person for doing it, but you will gain a whole new group of friends.

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When you're truly Irish, every day is St. Patrick's Day,
whether your name is O'Mally or Johnson!