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Crumby Capers: aka Patrick & Grace Mysteries

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The 2nd Patrick and Grace Mystery

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Poor Walter Schmidt! It was less than a month after he left the Haven of Rest Homeless Shelter in New York City, where he worked in the kitchen with Grace, until he was found hanging in the apple shed of his mother's home in Albany, Nebraska. Suicide? No! Patrick, Grace, and Nelda Schmidt--Walter's mother--were sure poor Walter would never stoop that low.
A letter to Patrick and Grace held the key to the whole thing. A key to a safety deposit box was in the letter. revealed a recipe. Walter said it could make Grace and Patrick "as famous as Amos and as rich as Mrs. Fields." Now the question remained: was this recipe worth killing for?
Obviously, someone thought so.

The typical little town had more suspects than it had businesses. Before long, everybody seemed like a crumb who might have "offed" Walter. And as outsiders, none of the local yokels trusted Patrick and Grace as far as they could see him. And they did keep their eyes on them!
A surprise ending shows there were more red herrings than there were cookies from Walter's recipe.  

For the key to this crumby caper, read an excerpt here


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