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Crumby Capers: aka Patrick & Grace Mysteries

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Who am I? I'm a little bit of all of you.

Like I said, there is a little bit of all of you in me. A lady at church asked Janet if I was patterned after her. Yes--and no. I am your average, normal old lady. Or at least I was until Patrick showed up. Then my life took on a whole new meaning. I've never had so much fun and excitement in my life. Before Patrick, I was a wife for over 40 years, a mother of grown children, a grandmother, a good Catholic, Irish, and anybody's friend who would sit a spell and listen to me.
And then came Patrick! My nosy neighbor told my daughter I was getting lost every night and a cop had to bring me home. I mean, like really! Well, truth is, a cop was bringing me home at night, but it wasn't just any old cop; it was Patrick. He was just being a gentleman. But did my daughter believe that? No, she didn't even try to find out what was going on. Instead she began plotting my move into a nursing home. I'll tell you; they haven't heard the last of me yet. Patrick and I have a whole slew of capers to figure out before he hangs up his hat and I hang up my apron. Oh, yes, the fun has just begun. I love meeting all of you. I hope you will enjoy your tromp through the pages of all of the  Patrick and Grace Mysteries Janet has planned for us.


Meet Janet Elaine Smith.
She made me what I am!

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Grace--and of course Patrick, too--were mere figments of my imagination, until I began to put them down in black and white. Then, in a matter of a few pages, they became real living, breathing people. I knew they were, because I began to dream about them. Many authors will tell you that their characters take on a life of their own. Patrick and Grace did that far more than any other characters I have ever written about. The good thing is that they will continue to live on in a whole lot of other escapades. The fun has just begun. Stay tuned for more. I hope you will all get to appreciate them all as much as I have.
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When you're truly Irish, every day is St. Patrick's Day,
whether your name is O'Mally or Johnson!