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"Gracie! Oh Gracie! We are going to Wisconsin. Can you believe it?"

Yes, Patrick and Grace are on the move again. When Gracie taught Mai-Ling English at the Haven of Rest Homeless Shelter, who would have thought that she would one day be a nanny in Menominee, Michigan, and win a week's vacation for her favorite twosome at the Riverside Manor in neighboring Marinette, Wisconsin?

Of course Patrick and Grace never do anything the easy way. Their problems started as soon as Grace walked into the Lilac Room and Patrick finally got his way with her.

From there it was all a series of the unforseen, and Patrick was, as always, Johnny-on-the-spot, much to the dismay of the local police force. He should have known there was trouble afoot as soon as Grace said she had "that feeling" that always landed them in trouble.

Loads of fun, lots of characters (some real, some not), and a caper worthy of our senior sleuths.

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Ah! New York CIty! Home Sweet Home!
I have spent my life as one of New York's finest--a cop! My name is Patrick O'Mally. Now my time is up. I can live a life of leisure. Retirement! The mere sound of the word is music to my ears.
Of course I never expected to run into Grace Johnson. She's provided some "variety" in my life. Ha! So that's what it is. When my fingers started itching and my feet started twitching because I didn't have a case to delve into, Father O'Brien over at St. Patrick's Cathedral quickly solved my problem. But I hadn't planned on Grace sticking her nose in the middle of my newest cases. (Don't you dare tell her that her "women's intuition" is more on-target than my "gut instincts.")

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The same is true for his "gal Friday." Yes, Patrick and Grace have wandered away from New York City. They are headed for Albany, Nebraska. They know Walter, Grace's right-hand man in the kitchen at the Haven of Rest Homeless Shelter would never commit suicide. All they have to do is prove it.
A letter from Walter, a key to a safety deposit box, and a recipe for cookies "to die for" is all they have to go on, and they aren't exactly the most welcome visitors this small town has ever seen.
You even get a taste of the cookies, compliments of the recipe at the end of the book. Of course you have to read the book to figure out the "secret ingredient."

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I have to admit, we do make quite a pair. Senior sleuths, that's what they call us. Then, as if Grace isn't enough of a challenge, the nuns over at the convent had to go and get Sister Babs, the psychic nun, whose habit has a habit of its own, mixed up in trying to find the missing Mother Superior.
You can read more about that in Old Habits Die Hard. For a sneak peek at the third Patrick and Grace Mystery, click here.
Oh, one more thing. If you have visited our home on the Net before, don't worry about Grace. She's right down below me. I figure she's had top billing long enough. It's my turn now.  

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Hello. My name is Grace Johnson. I am an elderly widow who lives in New York City. I used to live in an apartment like the ones you see here. But that was before Patrick O'Mally came into my life. Boy, did things change then!

I don't want to bore you with all of that now. You can see my whole life's story (in a nutshell) if you will just go to the left side of the page and click on About Me.
But first, see the scruffy little pooch over to your right? Well, that's a story and a half. I'll give you a few hints while you're here, but to get the whole story, you'll have to read the book.
Why is this place called Crumby Capers? All my life, I've been cooking. First I cooked for my husband, God rest his soul. Then I cooked for all my kids. Now they want to "put me away." Well, not on your life! Not when I'm cooking for the whole doggone crew at the Haven of Rest Homeless Shelter. Nosiree, bob! I've got a whole lot of trouble to cook up, and you can come along to taste it.
If you stay long enough, I'll even give you a clue about a great recipe. You see, I'm famous now! People all over the country--no, all over the world--are writing letters to Janet Elaine Smith about me. She's the one who dreamed me up. (That's a little secret I'm letting you in on. Some people think I'm real. I'm just in black-and-white. But I'm having so much fun, I really don't care at all.)
Come on inside and take a look around. If you have any questions for me, just go to my Contact Me page and send me an e-mail. I promise I'll answer.
It's going to be fun getting to know all of you. Naomi Dunavan, a nice lady in Grand Forks, North Dakota, wrote a review about my first book. She said, "You are going to want to have coffee with Grace. I just know you are." Isn't she special? Oh, my! I sound just like "the Church lady" on Saturday Night Live! Well, come on in. The coffee pot is always on.

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The Case of the Missing Mother Superior
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Cookies that are "to die for"!
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What's New?
Old Habits Die Hard. It's finally here! Click here to see more details.

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